SIA-M Symposium :||: Sustainable infrastructure as a bridge to connect cities and regions

We organise this premier symposium on Sustainable and Active Mobility (SAM) 130 years after the #RadkersburgerBahn (as it is called in German) was opened on the October 16th, 1890. This inter-regional rail has connected regions, cities and people along the Mura River regions with the more known Southern Railway that connected Vienna with Trieste, already back at the end of the 19th century.

Today this regions fail to re-open the #MuraDravaRails network of 375 kilometres that was in place in 1924 because of the two missing links, the cross-border rail bridge over Mura River (#OverMuraBridge) between Slovenia and Austria, and estimated seven kilometres of missing cross-border rail between Slovenia and Hungary. The former was mined at the end of the World War II (WWII) and the later was dismantled, also after the WWII. In our strong opinion this regions, cities and people deserve better connections by cross-border interregional public railway transportation along with the proposal of the long-distance cycling superhighways.

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Symposium for all responsible for infrastructure, environment, mobility and public health including the regional development- and transportation authorities and operators, research institutes, and public transport supply and service industry at local-, regional- in (inter)national level.

Executive summary


Presentations and round table of the wide range of exclusively and hand picked experts, strategists, policy makers and researchers who will present their view towards the sustainable and active mobility in these uncertain times.

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The development of cross-border inter-regional rail connections is the first key topic of the Sustainable, Inclusive and Active Mobility (SIA-M) symposium.

Another central topic is: Mobility for all in the times of safe distance at the interface of rural- and urban areas.

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Programme of the symposium is gender balanced as we have put great effort to achieve appropriate female/male ratio of the symposium speakers. Minority representatives will have their voice at the symposium too.

SIA-M symposium

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Sustainable, Inclusive and Active Mobility (SIA-M) symposium is a premier membership and by invitation only for in-person attendance event, due to very restricted seats available.

We offer though more than accessible way to follow the SIA-M symposium interactive/live/online whenever and wherever you are. Sessions from the symposium are offered in the spirit of gift culture (contribute what you can).

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